About Us

Pahayagan Inc. is a multi services company registered as a corporation in the province of Ontario. The company operates and publishes “Pahayagan.net” a muti-cultural newspaper and the only online web based newspaper of its kind, in metro and in the Greater Toronto Area.

In so much that we are in the business of news and Ad publishing, it is our privilege to offer you our services with the most competitive rates in the industry.

Our artistic approach in print and digital media penetration is one that is unparalleled, as we break the barriers of a conventional system in promoting through a traditional way of advertising.

Pahayagan Inc. knows how important it is for a business to get maximum exposure to reach its target markets. Given the perspective of the business, we established effective advertising machinery that is unique in nature.

  • We have populated database with consumers looking for product and services that can inter-act with any prospective media business partners.
  • We have scheduled presentations that can show and include your product and services.
  • Print Media, a very special well design multi-cultural newspaper that serves the locality of Durham to Hamilton’s area, and south of downtown Toronto to North Barrie, with leverage of 8000 circulation.
  • Internet – we are online, with the state of the art digital exposure, 24 hours and 7 days a week worldwide access for consumer needs and business to business integration.